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Post by Yami Yugi on Thu Oct 07, 2010 6:16 pm

Testing Rules:
I will test you on a match duel.
Please keep 2 decks prepared as i might ask you to switch decks.
You can use any deck, but beware that i will mark you on that.
You can switch decks during the match.

How i will mark you:
Deck build:../30(I will mark you on your deck's originality and its build itself.Incase you do 2 decks you will have ../15 for each)
Card usage:../20(I will mark you on how you use your deck and what combos you do.)
Ruling:../10(i will mark you on how you know the rulings.)
Reaction:../15(I will mark you on how you will react to different things i do)
Yourself:../10(I will mark you how you are aware of the duel and any mistakes you do)
Match Result../15(I will mark you on the duel's final result)
What i think you need to improve on:(I will say what u need to improve on)
What i think you did well:(Here i will give good points you did well)
Final Result:(Here i will write what dorm you are in)

0-50=Blackrose Dragon
51-90=Ra Dorm
91-100=Obelisk Dorm
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