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Post by Pharmacist on Thu Oct 07, 2010 6:19 am

1). How well you can overcome the tester decks. (Outcome) 5 MARKS:
- I will use 2 different Decks in the test.
- The first Deck will be a control style Deck with the ability to control your Graveyard, field and hand. You wil play a match against this Deck and be given a score out of 3.
- The second Deck will be a faster Deck which will focus on drawing out the combos i need tofinish th duel quickly. You will play a single duel aginst this Deck and be given a score out of 2.
- You will be able to use up to 2 Decks in the test. You will only be given the opportunity to switch Decks inbetween the match and single duel.
- You will be marked on how well you do against both Decks.

2). The ability to understand the field, hand and Graveyard. (Awareness) 10 MARKS:
- How well do you know the effect of your cards? How broad is your knowledge on cards no commonly used? You will be tested on your awareness of all cards played on the field by me and all cards you possess in your Deck.
- I will be looking for you understanding of card effects and ensuring you resolve and activate all cards the way they should be.
- I will make up to 2 purposeful mistakes in the duel regarding awareness, noticing a mistake will gain you a point (+1).
- Forgetting to shuffle, forgetting to finish an effect, Forgetting costs etc etc all fall in the awareness catagory. Making a mistake wil cost you a mark (-1). Making multile mistakes (2 or more with the same card) will cost you 2 marks maximum (-2).

3). Your understanding of both complicated and basic rulings of gameplay and how game mechanics work (Knowldge of Rules) 10 MARKS:
- How well do you know your rules? Do you understand te expert rulings? Do you know the basic gamplay rules and how simple chains activate and resolve? You will be tested on the rulings of every single card in your Deck as well as the cards in mine.
- I will be looking for legal gameplays, any illegal moves or simple ruling mistakes made will cost you a mark (-1). Simple ruling mistakes involve: Costs, Activation and Targetting, Simple Chains and Types of Effects.
- If you make a mistake on an expert ruling you will lose 2 marks (-2). Expert ruling include: Missing the Timing, Priority, Battle Phase Steps and Substeps.
- Ensure you know the rulings of all your cards in your Deck in both simple and complex situations.

4) Using the appropriate field techniques an Deck techniques with the ype of Deck you hae built (Playstyle). 5 MARKS:
- Do you play aggressively? Defensively? Or combine a bit of both for a balanced type of Deck? I will be looking at what type of Deck you have and wether the way you play your cards is appropriate.
- Do you use a Side Deck? Using a Side Deck is very important especially after the first duel. Your ability to Side appropriate cards to overcome a difficult deck will also be tested. You do not need to have a already made Side Deck, you can use any cards you like.
- Anything i do not like will cost you a mark. (-1)

5) Your style and build of your Deck in comparison to the combos your Deck posesses (Deck Build). 10-15 MARKS:
- Does your Deck posess well thought out combos? Do you have draw power? Or a control technique to keep hand advantage? You will be tested on how well your Deck has been built and how quickly it is able to use effective combos.
- Anything i do not lke will cost yo a mark (-1)
- If you choose to use 1 Deck you will be given a mark out of 10. If you choose to use 2 Decks, you will be given a mark out of 15. (Your second Deck will be given a mark out of 5)

6) Your way of using the cards you are given (Using you Deck). 10-15 MARKS:
- Did you misplay and combos? Did you make mistakes that could have been done differently? Howwell are you able to use the cards you draw and makethe most of your hand? I will be looking for how well you can use each othe cards you are gvenand make the most of the situations you are in.
- Any misplays or things i do not like will cost you a mark (-1).


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